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Designing great brands.

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Meet DAN

AI for Design

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Consumer driven and future focused, we offer rapid response creation of branded propositions, concepts and research stimulus for consumer testing and rollout.


Using our Soft Power design approach, we look to understand the complex relationships between consumers and the different brand elements and bring them together in a
single-minded way.


From creating strong visual identities to seamless brand experiences and impactful packaging design, we create clear, rational stories with the brand identity at the core.

“Amazingly fast & impactful.

An exciting new way to explore  creative ideas”



Innovation Manager

“Rare creates clear, rational stories with the brand identity at the core"



Global. Sourcing Manager

"Brand owners need great work  at speed for great value.

Rare provide this"     




"Original brand design that expertly defines and communicates our values

and purpose"     


Proud to be part of the London & Partners

winter cohort 2020