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This year, Rare has been part of a talented team working on brand design and development for TradeKart - the new rapid delivery app that is transforming the working day for tradespeople and their clients.

  • We worked closely with the team to develop core brand assets and an impactful, engaging brand book that enabled rapid activation of the brand message: on-app, on social and in-store. 

  • In addition, we supported the sales team with optimised presentations and a dynamic overview film.

Responsive and reactive.

Startups move very fast and need their support teams to be agile.


For Rare this means:

  • Being invested in the bigger picture by sharing the Founder's vision

  • Responding intelligently and proactively to ensure durable brand standards are being established and maintained

  • Reacting to solve the immediate challenges of the day with confidence, quality and speed

  • TradeKart's dynamic, boots on the ground, in-person marketing strategy is fuelled with numerous well designed resources that are rapidly embedding the brand's distinctive visual identity and relatable personality with the community it serves.

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