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PPN - 0621 Carbon Reduction Plan

Rare is committed to reducing the company's carbon footprint. As a service-based business Rare owns no emission-creating equipment or facilities. Staff and sub-contractors work from home studios, with business travel limited to meetings and presentations.

Emissions for 2022 are calculated below. This information is updated annually in April.

Reporting Year: 2022


Scope 1        0.0* 

Scope 2        0.0*

Scope 3       (Included Sources):

  • 6. Business Travel  245.54

  • 7. Employee commuting   0.0**

  • Employee homeworking  1144.92

Total Emissions  1390.46   


* This is a service-based business with no company-owned facilities, and emissions only arising from home-working
** This a home-working business with no staff commuting 


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