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We're creating the Intelligent Brief™

In July last year, we posed the question; Can machine leaning help us design better ideas, brands, products & services? [*spoiler alert, we think so*]

At that time, (if we’re honest) we didn’t have much proof. We’d ran two pilots, but it was early days. We were hopeful but we needed more.

Fast forward 8 months and we’re continuing to build up our bank of proof. Internal projects, client pilots, conference talks, interest from the trade press (we’ve been featured on LS:N Global’s Need to know list as well as in Design Week)… It certainly feels we’re are on to something.

The Data Analysis and Natural Language Processing system we use, or DAN, is now a core part of the team.

We are using DAN to explore words and opportunities that could mean different things to different people (or Fat Words ). We’re building key word and image banks. We’re using it to inform positioning, copy and tone of voice. To design research stimulus. To design new ideas, concepts and communications. To explore different need states. We are helping businesses ‘fail faster.’.

In doing so, we're not reinventing the creative process; we're making it better. By Augmenting Creativity, we are enabling businesses to be more creative, more distinctive and more relevant.

DAN has evolved our thinking. What we put into the process and how we interpret and explore what comes out. How we build brands.

DAN is central to the creation of what we call the Intelligent Brief™. A starting point for strategic creativity, for innovation and more. One that places the consumer and its core and uses technology and machine learning to speed up and improve what deliver and how we deliver it, for our clients.

The challenge now is how do we continue to evolve. Keep your eye out for more soon as we push to create a search engine for creativity.


Contact us to find out how are we are working with businesses to augment creativity and create the Intelligent Brief™ - From idea to output in 10 days.


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