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More about Rare
“Brand Managers need great work at speed for great value. Rare provide this” CMO

At Rare, we believe in the power of design. We believe that design should lie at the heart of the brand building process. That design, done right, helps businesses big or small navigate the consumer landscape and execute innovation, brand and design strategy.


We believe successful, long term, sustainable outcomes need a combination of Pace, Pragmatism and Partnership and being kind to the planet so we strive to ensure all our projects whether large all small are rooted with this philosophy. 


Our approach combines the power of AI and strategic (human) creativity to help our clients fail fast and win big by designing brands, products and services that means something to someone rather than nothing to everyone.


We have a culture of inspiration for all and offer transparent, output focused, project pricing.

  1. Pace

We are uniquely structured to support our clients’ businesses. We reject the old notion that ideas must be bottle-necked through a 'godlike' single creative director and allows us to spend time crafting Radically Relevant designs. We achieve this through:


  • Fast paced, AI Powered starting points & smart, agile solutions

  • Output focused project teams with direct access to creatives who are empowered to make creative decisions

  • No executive signoffs, No production lines & No egos


2. Pragmatism

Adaptability is in our DNA. We know every challenge is different and so do not offer a one size fits all solution but work with our clients on a project by project basis to define the most desirable output for that moment. 


Our iterative approach to the design process also ensures that we can overcome any in-project challenges as and when it may arise.


3. Partnership

We build our client relationships through showcasing creativity, inspiration and discipline


We look to:

  • Understand their business and challenges

  • Get to know their personal ambitions

  • Deliver effective and efficient projects

  • Push their thinking (and ours)

  • Inspire through our culture


We are:

  • Strong with our opinions

  • Sensible with our ‘client facing’ hours

  • Smart with our work 

  • Not afraid to challenge or say no


4. Planet

As a business Rare is always close to the conversation about sustainability and is focused on little-and-often solutions that make a difference.

  • We care about our planet and actively seek and recommend the most sustainable solutions to our clients.

  • We know materials and process are in the spotlight and whilst (we) can’t replace the supply chain we are firm believers that commercial success and sustainability go hand in hand.

  • Our company has values, creates value and we are profitable. 

  • We have created an efficient recycling system that keeps our Fitzrovia office clean and as individuals, we’ve adopted ethical behaviours to reduce our carbon footprint, including reducing our plastic usage and meat consumption and buying and selling pre-loved clothes.


5. Strategic Creativity

For consumer facing brands, our unique Soft Power approach is low cost but has high reward. We look to understand the different relationships between individual brand elements and execute them together in a single-minded way. 


Our Soft Power design solutions provide our clients with all the key elements a brand owner needs and helps win the target consumers share of emotion without spending big.

This includes:

  • Strong, differentiated visual identity

    • Great copy and a compelling tone of voice

    • A understanding of the customer experience

    • A comprehensive Range design (if required)

    • Bespoke Photography and user imagery

    • Impact and relevance

6. Culture

Throughout everything we do, we want to promote our culture as one that provides inspiration: For us, our network, our clients, our business partners and our suppliers. 


This culture manifests itself in different ways such as:

We offer:   

Great design, great service and good vibes

Our work is: 

Smart, creative and full of personality

Our personality is:

Bold, simple and playful

Our promotional activity encompasses:

Music, lifestyle, art, technology and design


7. Transparent Pricing 

There is a huge lack of trust between agencies and brands especially when it comes to pricing. It’s why we have developed an output focused rate card which can be agreed up front before starting any project. 


Once we have agreed the brief and scope, we can set the price accordingly and this will only change if there is significant change to the scope of a project. If this is the case, we will discuss with our clients first.

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