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Reduce Distractions. Stand Apart.

At Rare, we believe strategy and creativity will need to work hand in hand during the challenging year ahead.

If you’ve seen our recent trends video, you will be aware that we’ve explored 6 big food and drink trends that we believe will impact brands in all categories.

In this blog Series, we want to delve a little deeper and explore each trend on its own.

First up is Reduction.

Reduction is the ultimate customer convenience.

In a world where consumer choice is huge, selection is limited and brands that can deliver in this area will win big.

Reduction is delivering simplicity by cutting out the unnecessary distractions of a cluttered world, it’s about a delivering a consistent, focused message and telling your audience who you are and how you are there to help them. And, when it comes to design, reduction means offering clean, impactful solutions.

So, who does this well?

The three brands below all have a simple, single minded offers. They say what they do and they stick to it.

McDonald’s McCafe

Back in February 2017 McDonald’s launched this advert which pretty much summed up the sheer craziness of the growing artisan coffee market. They went back to basics with the message that “with McCafé, there's none of the frills or fuss. Only freshly ground beans, making great tasting coffee. It’s simple”


Lululemon is a technical athletic apparel brand designing gear for yoga, run and training but what really makes them stand out is the simplicity in their message ‘of being more’ and that when you buy Lululemon you are a buying a brand that can help push past the sweaty boundaries and build the strength to push yourself in other aspects of life.


People against Dirty are the original FMCG eco-warriors. For as long as they have been around, they’ve been championing the message that their powerful, planet-friendly cleaning products handle big messes beautifully. This is a message that is consistent across every consumer touchpoint including their elegantly simple packaging designs.

So, there you have it. Follow in the footsteps of McCafe, Lululemon and Method by using the Reduction philosophy and stand apart from the crowd.

Contact us to find out more this trend and about how Rare, using our suite of design solutions, can help you achieve stand out for your brand.

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