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Ginerosity: A Soft Power Star

Gin, with its recent ‘Ginaissance’, is the de facto category for new entrants in the alcohol category with brand after brand appearing to add to the seemingly never-ending available selection for consumers.

Until recently Seedlip has been the poster child for differentiation due to the non-alcoholic nature of its botanicals and rightly so but here at Rare, we recently came across Ginerosity, a gin with a cause, and in our eyes a worthy competitor to the crown.

What particularly captured our imagination beyond a beautifully designed bottle is the tone of voice which strikes just the right balance of highlighting the brands character and ‘doing good’.

These days we see many foods and drinks brands attempting to create their own Innocent effect with their high-level purpose, ready to save the world “one drink at a time”. This not only misses the mark but alienates today’s consumers and takes the attention away from what really sells the product in the first place – does it taste good? And does the visual identity sell it on the shelf?


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