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Elevated alternatives

At Rare, we believe strategy and creativity will need to work hand in hand during the challenging year ahead.

If you’ve seen our recent trends video, you will be aware that we’ve explored the 6 big food and drink trends that we believe will impact brands in all categories.

In this blog series, we want to delve a little deeper and explore each trend on its own.

Let’s look at Paired Vegan.

Not only is Vegan is here to stay, it’s becoming more sophisticated and diverse. Everything from specially paired charcuteries to yogurt toppings are being offered to people who consume vegan food.

When it comes to dietary restrictions, consumers no longer "take what they can get".

The increased demand in this space has resulted in elevated alternatives that are focused on flavour, texture, and ingredients, like any other non-restricted food item would be.

Vegans and those who experiment with vegan foods expect that brands are able to meet their more sophisticated tastes.

From Wines to Chocolate, yoghurt to meat free products, there are a number of brands that taking the idea of paired Vegan to the next level.

Three brands we particularly are Maxine’s Heavenly, Bol and CocoYo, all of whom expertly balance their different attributes with a clear design structure.

When considering whether you can tap into the Paired Vegan trend, ask yourself whether your brand can offer diversity of choice for changing consumer demands and how this can be expressed through design.

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