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Anyone for some nostalgic quality?

At Rare, we believe strategy and creativity will need to work hand in hand during the challenging year ahead.

If you’ve seen our recent trends video, you will be aware that we’ve explored the 6 big food and drink trends that we believe will impact brands in all categories.

In this blog series, we want to delve a little deeper and explore each trend on its own.

Second up is Cyclicity.

Today’s consumers seek out brands where artisan values are combined with genuine, quality products evoking memories of the good old days.

With the climate crisis front and centre of people’s mind, Cyclicity achieves the desire for sustainable products including local, organic and recyclable with the desire for nostalgia, where fond memories fuel a desire to bring the past into the present.

This is a really interesting trend as whilst new entrants to categories can often win consumer’s selection by offering new sustainable practices, they (more often than not) are not able to combine this with connection with traditional household favourites, an area where more established brands can make an impact.

One established brand who are very much tapping into this trend is Kraft Heinz.

Let’s take Tomato Soup.

1. It’s vegan (sustainability)

2. They’ve recently removed all plastic wrapping on their 4 canned offerings (sustainability)

3. It’s been around, the same recipe, since 1869 (artisan/quality)

4. There’s nothing better than the comfort of soup when you’re feeling down (nostalgia)

So, when considering whether this trend is the one for your brand the question to ask is: if we combine artisan & quality, what nostalgic need are we satisfying?”

Contact us to find out more on this trend and how Rare’s suite of design solutions can help you satisfy the needs of your consumers.


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