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Perfect for business who want to understand the impact their brand is having on the environment and make educated brand decisions with design thinking at its core

As brand designers for leading UK and Global brands, Rare is always close to the conversation about sustainability


Packaging materials and process are in the spotlight and whilst (we) can’t replace the supply chain we are firm believers that commercial success and sustainability go hand in hand 


At Rare, we are focused on little-and-often solutions that make a difference. As part of this we have developed an innovative solution to offer best practice to our clients:


  • A sustainable brand design process which starts by building an understanding and POV on sustainability and branding with an analysis segment on materials and supply chain


  • A sustainability benchmarking system which can be integrated into our creative and design development approach offering value, guidance and validation to develop ideas and propositions in line with your strategic objectives


  • Sustainable specification development for design implementation


  • A sustainability report offering rationale and justification, backed by data 


But ultimately, sustainability all starts at Rare, our business

  • We care about our planet

  • We create a product which has values, creates value and we are profitable

  • As individuals, we’ve adopted ethical behaviours like reducing our carbon footprint, plastic usage and meat consumption or buying and selling pre-loved clothes

  • An efficient recycling system keeps our Fitzrovia office clean

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